Update! Well we’ve made the adventurous decision(and by ‘adventurous’ decision I mean ‘not my’ decision) to try to make the place fully sustainable! Or, well, as sustainable as possible. That means solar panels! That means making our own compost! That means alternative energy of all kinds! As we are stationed very, very close to the sea we have also been thinking about the possibility of using wood pellet type stuff (made a great connection with the folk over at Volcano Wood Fuels) to heat the main restaurant. What do you think about that? We can be an eco-fish-restaurant! Might offset the awful effects of global over-fishing.


New Year! A time for looking back and looking forward. When I look back I see decisions I’ve made and I ponder them. I feel pride and I see lessons to learn from mistakes I’ve made. I feel good though, because I’m working on something and we are moving and grooving toward something that will be a very important thing in my life. And I get too look forward! Look forward to our restaurant which will join the ranks of the most beautiful restaurants in the world. Look forward to creating and working and providing amazing food for people. Now that’s something to look forward too!


Woooooooooow hooo. We’re still working away here at fisherman’s! That’s what we do, we work and we build and we make the best darn fish of all the fish that there is that has been taken out of the sea and prepared for human consumption. We have done a lot of things. We have had our menu’s designed by a guy. We have had our oven cleaned by Ovenu. We have held taster evenings. I have eaten nothing but fish for months now, tasted nothing but fish, smelt nothing but fish, looked at nothing but fish and thought about nothing but fish. It’s a long and difficult road, from concept to completion, but it is a road we’re racing down at pace. It’s exciting times around here and I really can’t wait to reveal the amazing work that has been going in to creating this place. But! What a place it’ll be…


Putting in the time, putting in the air miles. If you want to truly create the best food and the best restaurant then you have to find out what is possible. You have to get out into the world and see what is out there. So, that’s what I’m doing. I’ve been on a road trip! Well, on a road-and-air trip. I’ve been flying and driving round the country to find the best seafood to be inspired. And I’m just back from Edinburgh, I’ve been there many times and always been overwhelmed by, oddly, finding a place to put my car at the airport! Luckily parking at Edinburgh Airport has improved vastly. So I could go and taste a little of this:


That is just a taste of the amazing Ondine Edinburgh, a fantastic and inspiring Seafood restaurant that is leading the way in its region. It is a fantastic place that I cannot recommend enough. The try to serve fish in a way that presents it bluntly, they want to give you real fish.Inspiring.


Big day! We were here late last night with some great folk (and new friends) who where helping us install our stunning tile effect flooring (picture coming soon!). We’ve got to give thanks to the people at ‘Finsa Home’ (http://www.finsahome.co.uk/) who stayed with us way later than they had too last night. When we finally got the floor done we walked down to the beach and tried some of our new BBQ grilled fish recipes out on them. We burnt drift wood that had washed up in the bay and kept warm round the fire whilst feasting on some beautiful fish. It’s a moment like that, eating fish fresh from the ocean on a fire of wood that drifted in from the sea, on the beach, that we want to try to capture and pour into Fisherman’s Lodge. Our beautiful new wooden floor makes you feel a little like your on the deck of an old Fisherman’s boat, so we’re getting there. Thanks again to everyone at Finsa, we’re on our way!


Hey, so here we are going to keep you updated with our progress in setting up the new restaurant. It’s a long road from dream to reality when it comes to creating a restaurant, especially one as ambitious and original as ours. But I sometimes wonder if it isn’t the most fun part of the whole process. At the moment we’re here late at night, finishing off walls and planning and replanning. There’s something inherently romantic about a space that’s coming together. Especially when it is you and a loved one putting it together. You’re building your future, and every little bit you do you imagine the years of activity you’ll have in this space, how everyday it will become, how much of life will take place in this space. It’s a beautiful thing.