21/09/2017: End Is Nearly In Sight

There are plenty of excuses that I could give to you as to why the Fisherman’s Lodge is still waiting to be opened.

The first and most glaring one should be the owners’ (as in Jeffrey and I’s) crippling addictions to certain substances. A year ago, we’d both quit our jobs properly and had well and truly begun our journeys on the road to opening our very first restaurant: a relaxed dining experience that offers the best seafood in the town of Robin Hood Bay whilst remaining accessible to both locals and tourists alike. We’d both come to the conclusion that we were miserable in our jobs and the only time that we were happy was when we were either out eating at our favourite restaurants or at home smashing a crystal mountain.

With enough money saved up to last us both a lifetime, we decided to jack it all in, in favour of opening our dream restaurant, but unfortunately our vices got in the way somewhat. We should have known that having both of us off work and with spare time was going to be a recipe for disaster, we just assumed that we’d be able to control our baser impulses. Before we knew it we were spending thousands in a week and essentially living in our half-completed restaurant without a hope of opening it.

It took a near-death experience for us to realise that we’d gone too far.

After dining on a rather exorbitant meal of whole sea bass, we fancied a dip in the sea. The summer evening’s revelries had got us both feeling particularly adventurous, so the cold of the British sea was no deterrent to us, as we dove straight in. It was the cold that shocked Jeffrey the most. By the time I realised he was drowning we’d already floated 50m away from the shoreline. With no one around, I had to collect my scattered, wasted thoughts and focus on lifting my lover up onto my front to remove the danger of him swallowing too much water.

It took 45 excruciating minutes to slowly kick my way against the current and cover the 50m back to the shore. When we washed up on the sand, we were both exhausted. The cold of the water and adrenaline that we had both expended in saving our own lives had left us sober. Jeff wheezed and spluttered for a few seconds, before sitting up, saying: “We need to finish this restaurant.”

Since that day, early in summer, there hasn’t been a single day that we haven’t dedicated to completing our restaurant. After consolidating several offshore accounts we both managed to settle any outstanding debts that we had and are now working to a budget and timescale.

The Fisherman’s Lodge was initially intended to be the seafood restaurant of our dreams, through our own foolish ways we almost scuppered those plans for ourselves and left it incomplete. We won’t be making those mistakes again – this restaurant will be completed and we will both be alive to see it happen.…

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