An Introduction To A Concept

Hello, My name is Patrice and two years ago I quit my job. I had travelled far for a holiday on the British coast, I sat in a pub restaurant by the sea and ordered fish and chips. I sat quietly and waited, the sea air brushed over me. I breathed it in, deeply. It was like breathing for the first time. It was wonderful. When the fish came it was… incredible.


Fresh from the sea, straight to the fryer. Battered in batter made with good beer and by an exert hand. Chips that were more crisp than potato, soft mushy peas, and sharp oniony tartar sauce. It was so incredibly good it made me quit my job and change my life. Now that is the sign of a good meal.

Shrimp-Prawn Northern-pandalus_borealis_sw

Food is an experience, and like any experience it can have as much meaning as your fantasies have the potential for. Eating fish by the sea, when said fish has come from that sea, is perhaps one of the greatest, if not the greatest, food experience out there. Eat fish by its sea and let your mind run wild, let your mind run into the nature of our relationship with the earth, let your mind run out to the middle of the ocean and the bottom of the sea, let it run to the edge of existence and back to your plate. Let it think of life and death, of struggle and survival, of the battle between sweet pleasure and deep despair. Let it run.


This is the power of food with imagination. Not just the imagination of the chef but the imagination of the eater. Food is a stimulus, it is nutrition not just for your body but for your mind, for your fantasies and for your soul. We want to make food that makes you think and dream, and will leave you reminiscing. Tastes that stay in your mind, that stay in your heart and stay in your life long past the meal. That’s real food.

That’s the kind of food you’re going to get at Fisherman’s Lodge,

Coming Soon x